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It’s time to tour The Creator Space in Courtenay, meet amazing people, drink great local beverages and listen to talented local musicians…put October 5 in your calendar!

So we have worked away behind the scenes getting this amazing place ready to roll. Building desks from re-purposed wood, removing outdated flooring, installing cool lights, hooking up super fast internet, building custom lights. painting epoxy flooring and the list goes on. Special thanks to Maddy who makes supercool jewellery MLKHNY and her man Ross from Rossart  who makes supercool everything who pitched in with lots of labour, ideas and love and saw the potential. Everyone who has come in has given us feedback that the place is lit! So now is your chance to come in and let us know what you think as well as check out a great place to do your best work and get some momentum. So thrilled that local musos Des Larson and Adam Norman can help us celebrate – but we need you to come join us to make a toast to the prosperity of the comox valley by working together to inspire creativity, innovation, an entrepreneurial culture equal to the meaning of our name – Land of Plenty. Look forward to seeing you there and we should be cooking up some extra value by way of discounts etc for signing up at the launch party for some co-working space.

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